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Endemic Bird Areas

Birdlife International has defined the following Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) in Borneo:

157, Bornean mountains

In addition there are five Secondary Areas. There are two islands groups (the North-east Bornean islands, s097, and the Natuna islands, (s101)) and three areas on Borneo itself, the Sabah lowlands (s098), the Kalimantan lowlands (s099), and the Bornean coastal zone (s100).

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List of species

Species endemic to Borneo

The following species are endemic to Borneo, and only found in the Bornean mountains Endemic Bird Area:

  • Bulwer's Pheasant
  • Bornean Bristlehead
  • Mountain Serpent-eagle
  • Red-breasted Partridge
  • Crimson-headed Partridge
  • Dulit Frogmouth
  • Whitehead's Trogon
  • Mountain Barbet
  • Golden-naped Barbet
  • Bornean Barbet
  • Hose's Broadbill
  • Whitehead's Broadbill
  • Black-breasted Fruithunter
  • Everett's Thrush
  • Bare-headed Laughingthrush
  • Mountain Wren-babbler
  • Chestnut-crested Yuhina
  • Bornean Stubtail
  • Friendly Bush-warbler
  • Eyebrowed Jungle-flycatcher
  • Bornean Whistler
  • Black-sided Flowerpecker
  • Whitehead's Spiderhunter
  • Pygmy White-eye
  • Mountain Blackeye
  • Black Oriole

The Black-browed Babbler is endemic to the Kalimantan lowlands Secondary Area.

The White-fronted Falconet is endemic to the Sabah lowlands Secondary Area.

The Borneo Island Thrush, a subspecies of the Island Thrush, is endemic to three mountains in northern Borneo.

Other restricted-range species found on Borneo

The following restricted-range species are found in Borneo only in the Bornean mountains EBA, but are also found in Sumatra:

  • Rajah Scops-owl
  • Short-tailed Frogmouth
  • Blue-wattled Bulbul
  • Sunda Laughingthrush
  • Black-capped White-eye

The Javan White-eye is found in the Bornean Coastal Zone secondary area, and in the Javan coastal zone EBA.

The Silvery Pigeon is found in the Natuna Islands, and in three other secondary areas off Sumatra.

Grey Imperial-pigeon and Mantanani Scops-owl are found in the North-east Bornean islands Secondary area, and also in other EBAs and Secondary Areas in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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