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Asian Pied Starling  [Sturnus contra]
in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The Asian Pied Starling (Gracupica contra), also known as Pied Myna, is a species of starling found in South and Southeast Asia. The taxonomic position has changed with it being placed with the Sturnus in the past.(Zuccon e... - Last revised: Oct 30, 2017
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Common Myna  [Acridotheres tristis]
The Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis), is a myna, a member of the starling family. This bird is a common resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from Afghanistan to India and Sri Lanka. It is also known as the Indian Myna and as the Talking Myna for i... - Last revised: Oct 30, 2017
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Crested Myna  [Acridotheres cristatellus]
The Crested Myna (Acridotheres cristatellus) is a kind of bird native to southeastern China and Indochina. Around 1890, the Crested Myna was introduced into the Vancouver region of British Columbia. It was initially successful, reaching a population in th... - Last revised: Oct 30, 2017
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European Starling  [Sturnus vulgaris]
The European Starling, Common Starling or just Starling, Sturnus vulgaris, is a passerine bird in the family Sturnidae.This species of starling is native to most of temperate Europe and western Asia. It is resident in southern and western Europe and south... - Last revised: Jan 23, 2023
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Red-billed Starling  [Sturnus sericeus]
The Red-billed Starling (Sturnus sericeus) is a species of starling in the Sturnidae family. It is found in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Sturnus sericeus... - Last revised: Oct 30, 2017
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White-cheeked Starling  [Sturnus cineraceus]
The White-cheeked Starling or Grey Starling (Sturnus cineraceus) is a passerine bird of the starling family. It is native to eastern Asia where it is a common and well-known bird in much of its range. Usually, it is placed in the genus Sturnus, but someti... - Last revised: Oct 30, 2017
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