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Photo Trivia #2 - By Jamie Massey (answers at bottom)

1) Who was the first person to see eight thousand bird species?

A) Debra Shearwater

B) Peter Kaestner

C) Richard Koeppel

D) Phoebe Snetsinger

2) Audubon, who once wrote he felt incomplete if he didn't kill a hundred birds a day,
reported that in a single day near New Orleans how many golden plovers were gunned down?

A) 480

B) 4,800

C) 48,000

D) 480,000

3) Where does the bird embryo get its oxygen while in the shell?

A) It doesn't need oxygen.

B) It gets it through the shell.

C) It is dissolved in the albumen.

D) No one knows.

4) Not counting transplanted species, what is the most widespread songbird in the world?

A) common raven

B) great tit

C) barn swallow

D) black-billed magpie

5) The total weight of most birds' feathers is about:

A) twice the weight of their skeleton

B) the same as the weight of their skeleton

C) half the weight of their skeleton

D) one fourth the weight of their skeleton

6) What bird doesn't have a constellation named after it?

A) dove

B) swan

C) magpie

D) crow

7) What is the most abundant alcid?

A) dovekie

B) least auklet

C) common murre

D) pigeon guillemot

8) To which birds was the now extinct dodo related?

A) ostriches

B) doves

C) rheas

D) rails

9) Which is true of the nesting habits of doves and pigeons?

A) Females perform the incubation.

B) Males perform the incubation.

C) Males incubate during the day and females at night.

D) Females incubate during the day and males at night.

10) What is the favorite food of oystercatchers?

A) oysters

B) mussels

C) small fish

D) squid

11) A kinglet may lay up to how many eggs in a single clutch?

A) two

B) five

C) eight

D) twelve

12) Where do Bonaparte's gulls nest?

A) on barren ground

B) in grassy areas

C) in bushes

D) high in spruce trees

13) What did medieval Europeans believe that pelicans fed their young?

A) lemmings

B) their own blood

C) algae

D) feathers

14) Established in 1903 by Teddy Roosevelt, what was the first national wildlife refuge?

A) Anahuac

B) Sanibel Island

C) Pelican Island

D) Aransas

15) Who was the first American society devoted to birds named after?

A) Thomas Nuttall

B) John James Audubon

C) Alexander Wilson

D) Robert Ridgway

16) Who was the first European to see a California condor?

A) Antonio de la Ascension

B) Cabeza de Vaca

C) Francisco de Coronado

D) Archibald Menzies

17) Who founded the first Audubon Society?

A) Teddy Roosevelt's uncle

B) John James Audubon

C) the editor of Forest and Stream magazine

D) Audubon's nephew

18) What is the highest number of warbler species that have been observed
in one day at New York's Central Park?

A) 18

B) 24

C) 30

D) 36

19) On Kenn Kaufman's 1973 Big Year, how much did he spend in order to see
666 bird species?

A) less than $1,000

B) around $2,000

C) just over $4,000

D) $6,066

20) Big Year record-holder Sandy Komito saw how many bird species in 1998?

A) 721

B) 745

C) 761

D) 785

21) What is the longest period birds are known to fast?

A) 7 to 8 days

B) 20 days

C) 93 days

D) 134 days

22) What habit is the Egyptian vulture known for?

A) dropping turtles from heights

B) dropping bones from heights

C) killing wasps

D) eating dung

23) How did scientists teach condors to avoid power lines?

A) They put fake power poles in the pens that delivered mild shocks.

B) They put fake power poles in the pens with owl dummies on them.

C) They shot blanks at them when they landed on power poles.

D) They didn't do anything.

24) How many times per year do ptarmigans molt their feathers?

A) once

B) twice

C) thrice

D) four times

25) Which has the greatest known frequency range in the song of any bird?

A) yellow-headed blackbird

B) brown-headed cowbird

C) blackpoll warbler

D) red-winged blackbird

Answers: 1. D, 2. C, 3. B, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. B, 8. B, 9. C, 10. B, 11. D,
12. D, 13. B, 14. C, 15. A, 16. A (in 1602), 17. C (George Grinnell),
18. D, 19. A (He hitchhiked 69,200 miles and ate cat food),
20. B (He broke his old record of 721 in 1987), 21. D (While male Emperor
Penguins are incubating), 22. D, 23. A, 24. C, 25. B (Some say Blackburnian
Warbler is greater)

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