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  1. LA Birders Webinar: Warbler ID with Tom Stephenson, 9/21 LINK
    DATE: Sep 18, 2021 @ 12:12pm, 1 year(s) ago
    Hello birders, You are invited to join LA Birders for next weeks webinar and our other upcoming programs -- please feel free to share with any other folks or groups you think may be interested! And dont forget that nearly all of our past programs are recorded and easily viewable any time on YouTube ! Warbler ID Made Easy(er) with Tom Stephenson, Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 7:00pm via YouTube North American warblers are some of the most beautiful birds in the world. But their beautiful colors often blind birders to many of their most important ID points. This problem is compounded by the often brief and obstructed views we have in the field. This talk discusses many of these very important but often overlooked ID points such as overall contrast, subtle facial features, color impressions, feather edging, rump contrast, and foraging style, location, and behavior. And fortunately, viewing a warbler from below can reveal some of the most important ID points for many species. Learn how many tail and undertail covert patterns are, in fact, diagnostic alone or when combined with one other ID point.Individual species, especially the most challenging to identify, will also be discussed with outlines of the important ID points, comparisons with similar species, and illustrations of how even partial views can be used to identify many of even the most challenging warbler species. Join us for an evening of warbler identification without getting warbler neck! This webinar will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel ; it will also be recorded and made available on YouTube for later - or repeat - viewing.
    Birding 101 with Mark Scheel and Ron Cyger - begins October 18 Are you interested in learning about bird identification in a fun and safe in-person environment, both in the classroom and in the field Look no further! Mark & Rons Birding 101 is the beginning birding class thats been successful for over a decade and is designed to give budding birders the structure, knowledge, and tools to bird with confidence. This course consists of three classroom sessions in Monrovia from 6:30-9:30pm on October 18, 25, & November 1, plus two field trips beginning at 8am on October 23 & 30 at to-be-determined LA-area locations. More information and sign up here! BECOME A MEMBER! Though our webinars will always remain free and available to all, members of Los Angeles Birders have access to live webinars via Zoom and also receive priority sign-up for LAB events and discounts on paid LAB programs (like Birding 101). To learn more about membership, please see our website ! And lastly... SAVE THE DATE(S): * 10/12 - Junco identification with Jon Dunn & Kimball Garrett (Zoom webinar) * 10/18 - Birding 101 course begins ( in-person! sign-up & tuition required ) * 10/19 - Slashes, sp.s, and identification (or not): Identification of Passerines in Flight with Ryan Terrill (Zoom webinar) * 11/9 - Population dynamics, Lead Toxicity and California Condors with Myra Finkelstein (Zoom webinar) * 11/16 - Slashes, sp.s, and identification (or not): Parrots of Southern California with Larry Allen (Zoom webinar plus in-person parrot chase field trip on to-be-announced date) Good birding, Rebecca Marschall Valley Village, CA for LosAngelesBirders@...
    Rebecca Fenning Marschall rebecca.fenning@...
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