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  1. Harvest Moon Birds Over Dana Point, CA LINK
    DATE: Sep 27, 2021 @ 10:10am, 12 month(s) ago
    Hi Group,
    Last August I filmed birds migrating
    over the Blue Moon over Dana Point and posted a video of it on my
    YouTube Channel. I was never happy with that 15+ minute video and have
    replaced it with a 48 minute video of migrating birds over the Sept. 20th (and
    days before and after) Harvest Moon. The new video has more examples, and
    more information for people who want to moon watch for birds. Heres my
    film notes and the video link. Enjoy Joel Weintraub Dana
    Point, CA
    Migrating Birds Across The Harvest Moon: Information,
    Examples & Filming Protocols Sept.
    On the nights of September 17 th through 21st,
    2021, a Harvest Moon time period, I
    mounted a Nikon P1000 camera on a motor driven equatorial mount and recorded
    sequences of migratory birds flying
    over the moon's disk. My
    location was an urbanized area of Dana Point, California, on the Pacific
    flyway. A total of about 270 minutes of filming
    was done, and 42 objects detected flying over the moons disk, or about 1 event
    every 6.4 minutes. Most birds appeared smaller than the size of Tycho crater,
    some just as moving dots until slow motion revealed wing flapping. Ten video sequences from the 42
    events are shown both in real time
    and at 300% zoom and 1/16 th reduced speed. One event was a satellite that was
    clearly seen. Information
    about bird migration, hints about what to expect including what to observe, equipment to use, and protocols of
    filming are presented. A
    graphical way of presenting the path bearings for 38 birds is shown, and most
    were going southward as expected for fall migrating birds.
    Note: I have removed a previous video watching moon birds during a Blue
    Moon ((More Than) Once In A Blue Moon: Birds, Bats, & UFOs) from my
    YouTube channel as the current video has much more information and examples.
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